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About FlexiVan ®
Established in 1955, Flexi-Van Leasing, Inc. is headquartered in Kenilworth,
New Jersey and is an affiliate of Castle & Cooke, Inc. FlexiVan ® is one of the largest chassis providers in North America with a current fleet of 130,000+ units.
The company has a long-proven track record of continual profitable, stable operations and is well funded with significant resources to support development and/or ventures.

FlexiVan ® currently employs more than 230 associates at 12 locations in
North America. Our employees represent the most experienced and capable work force in our industry. FlexiVan's excellent work environment and highly competitive benefits and compensation make it possible for us to attract, motivate and retain high performers.

Fully engaged in the realignment of the US chassis supply model, FlexiVan ® understands that the products and services we offer must meet the needs of our current customer base as well as the new equipment stakeholders, including Motor Carriers, Logistics Providers, Facility Operators and Beneficial Cargo Owners. We have expanded our services, products and contracts accordingly, and we are fully committed to continual enhancements to better serve these markets. Flexi-Van ® chassis supply options include:

1. Short and Long Term Leasing
2. Pool User Agreements
3. Daily Rentals (FlexiDay )
4. Dedicated Fleet Management

Supporting these products is a comprehensive suite of applications which streamline the contracting, pool management, fleet management, maintenance and billing functions. Our Chassis Supply Management System provides for on-line contracting, usage tracking and billing in various pool environments. Please visit our website to learn more about these and other FlexiVan ® products and services

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