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Chassis & Gen Set Leasing
Pool Chassis
FlexiDay ®
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What  We  Do

Chassis and Generator Set Leasing
Flexi-Van ®, a world-renowned provider of chassis leasing services, offers over 150,000 professionally supported quality units across North America.

Pool Chassis
Flexi-Van ® manages over 100,000 chassis in over 300 locations across North America for our customers. This includes management of their individual chassis fleets as well as neutral and cooperative pooling arrangements. With our proprietary FlexiPool , Tracking,CSM and CPM&R systems, Flexi-Van ® continues to invest in management systems programs to meet this growing need of our customers.

FlexiDay ®
Daily leasing of chassis to the Intermodal Industry.

Depot Services
Flexi-Van ® has 9 company operated service centers that offer repairs and refurbishing of intermodal containers, chassis, trailers and generator sets.

Consider the value of Flexi-Van’s Size, Experience and Professionalism
Size affords us the resources to meet your needs, on demand. Experience – For more than a half a century
we have served our clients by developing cost effective transportation solutions. Professionalism assures our constant commitment to your satisfaction.
Pool Chassis

DCLI & FlexiVan Announce Asset Sharing Program – Northeast (ASPN)
(posted May 3, 2017)

FlexiVan’s New Traffic Toll Program New!  

New Service Center in Channahon, IL(Opening Apr. 1, 2017) New!  

Pool Rate Increase (Eff. Apr. 1, 2017)   

OTR Policy   

Hurricane Matthew Announcement -JAXFLEX  

Hurricane Matthew Announcement -JAXFLEX   

Service for Hamburg Sud -SACP   

FLBP-PoP Hanjin Announcement   

Hanjin Empty Disposition Information   

Hanjin Announcement  BACP   COCP   FLBP-PoP    

Motor Carrier Dispute Policy  

WCCP Oakland Advisory   

Changes to Invoice Format  

NERP Bayonne Chassis Yard Announcement

Merchant Haulage for PIL in FLBP

NSCP/Cincinnati -No longer providing chassis effective Oct 1st

NSCP - Ramp Incentive Starting August 1st

MLRZ - Pool for Mitsui in California

BACP - PAOH and OICT Gate Fees  

BACP UP Unauthorized Usage Charge  

FLBP - Announcement   

LA/LB Pool of Pools Motor Carrier FAQ  

Pool of Pools-LABP  

Merchant Haulage Service for PIL in FLBP  

SnowFlake Winter Weather Plan SnowFlake  

Online Payment Portal   

JAXFLEX Operational Bulletin  

NY Tax Exempt Motor Carrier forms  

COCP Hanjin Merchant Haulage to be serviced by Flexi-Van ® effective June 1st,2013.  For More..

NERP Drop Off Charges Effective July 1st, 2012

When exiting any Start/Stop locations with a bare NERP chassis, you will require a booking number.
A booking number can be obtained by calling: 201-332-3463.

Motor Carrier Street Turn Policy

FlexiDay ®

Notice of Rate Change Effective July 1st, 2016   

   Daily rate Discounts are available for FlexiDay ® bookings made online through www.chassisfinder.com …see attached for details…

FlexiDay ® bookings can be made for any of our locations in the US online via ChassisFinder.com, which is an online reservation tool designed for the convenience of motor carriers. It allows our customers to search online for available chassis, reserve them, and process the lease 24/7 online. ChassisFinder.com also offers customers the option to pay for their lease using a credit card or PayPal. ChassisFinder.com has also just launched an app for Iphone and Android devices to make reserving a chassis even easier.

Please Register for FlexiDay ® and then log onto ChassisFinder.com in order to reserve your units today.

Addition of 53’ Chassis in Kenilworth,NJ November 19th,2012.  


Severe Weather Event Procedure for Damaged Chassis

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